Long Island Recovery Mission is a Non for Profit Organization dedicated to performing excellence in the operation and management of CBT lifestyle Sober living houses and other community recovery support resources.

The government does not fund recognize or fund sober housing. Long Island Recovery Mission is a voice and we would like CBT lifestyle sober housing to be recognized and utilized by the government. Long Island Recovery Mission promotes delivery of quality recovery support services in community based residential settings, and recovery oriented housing to meet the needs of persons in recovery.

Long Island Recovery Mission gratefully accepts donations from those who understand the need for long term recovery supportive housing and other community based means of addressing disease of addiction.

Our Foundation

Our goal is to help those in need of housing with substance abuse issues, and help them on their journey to go back into the world as functioning, healthy, working individuals making a difference in their daily living.

Addiction is a threefold disease. Long Island Recovery Mission has a goal to set up a threefold solid step foundation as they begin their journey back to become solid strong healthy members of society.

Mental Step

Long Island Recovery Mission will be creating a personally designed program for each individual given by a CASAC counselor and Psychologist required for each individual.

Spiritual Step

Long Island Recovery Mission requires each guest to attend a support group of there choosing which will be offered to them locally.

Physical Step

Every guest WILL BE WORKING. Long Island Recovery Mission will be working closely with local businesses to hire guests for job placement during their stay. Long Island Recovery Mission will be holding savings accounts and pay for guest for when they are ready to leave and go off on their own.

Long Island Recovery Mission Homes believe in exercise 3+ days weekly with a regimen that will be given and required to do. Nutrition will be followed by the guidelines given by the Long Island Recovery Mission nutritionist.

ZERO TOLERANCE There are hundreds of people wanting to live, who need help, housing and shown the right way. Kids, mothers, fathers, etc. There are waiting lists and people dying every day. We have ZERO tolerance for any rules being broken in our homes or drugs or alcohol being used during your stay. You will be dismissed immediately.

We are currently seeking donations if your Business, Company, or Family would like to help the war on drugs and saving lives. You can use the PayPal button below to donate online.

Please either call 631-206-4050 or email longislandrecoverymission@gmail.com to contact Elif Binger with questions.